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Patrick Burgeff earned his BA in graphic design in Mexico City and fiurther studies in teh netherlands at the JAN VAN EYCK ACADEMIE. Currently pursuing an online master's in packaging, he brings a wealth of international experience, having worked in Paris, France; Belgium; The Netherlands; and Germany.

Passionate about experimental typeface creation and visual language, Patrick aims to infuse identities with flair, freshness, and clarity. His studio, based in Mexico City, focuses on projects for Mexico, the US, and Canada.

In today's contemporary culture, Graphic Design & Typography wield immense influence, shaping perceptions and narratives like never before. Join us on our journey as we navigate this dynamic landscape, leveraging design to make meaningful connections and spark conversations.





Graphic Design 3, Zeix, Germany

Designers Logo 3, Zeix, Germany

Marcas & Trademarks MEX, X,Pérez Grobet, Mexico

Basic Logos,  Index Book, Spain

Graphic Design Essentials, J. Macario, Rockpub, USA

1000 More Graphic Elements, G D C Rockpub, USA

1,000 Greetings, Peter King & Co. Rockpub, USA

1,000 Package Designs: A Comprehensive Guide to Packing, Rockpub, USA

The Packaging & Design Templates Sourcebook, L. Herriott, Rockpub, USA

The Best of Brochure Design 9, J. Godfrey, Rockpub, USA

1,000 Bags, Tags, and Labels, K. Eldridge, Rockpub, USA

Worldwide Identity, Robert L. Peters, Icograda, Rockpub, USA

The Power of Paper in Graphic Design, C. Fishel, Rockport, USA

1,000 Greetings (1000 Series), P . K. & Co, Rockport, USA

The Best of Business Card Design 6, B. Des. Inc., Rockport, USA

Identity Design That Works, Cheryl D. Cullen, Rockport, USA

Mark Your Territory, A celebration of logos, AIGA

Logo World, PIE Books, Japan

Private Greeting Cards, M. Kishida, PIE Books, Japan

Clientes / Clients

BIMBO/EL Globo, IDesign/MGM-Las Vegas, Jenny Fagg-Toronto-Canada, FILUNI-UNAM, La Parroquia de Veracruz, Postensa/Postensa Wind Structures, Publicaciones UNAM, Lou Peralta-Artista, Finca Argovia, BERSA Café, Finca de La Vequia, Finca del Rey, La Sierra, Café La Selva, CLub de Industriales, El Eco-Museo Experimental, MUAC Roma, The Cooking Papers, México Alternativo UNAM, Casa del Lago UNAM, Revista Curare, MUAC-Museo Universitario Arte Contemporáneo, Héctor Falcón-SIMBOLICA, Beto Adame-Art Dealer, Festival Itinerante Interfaz-ISSSTE, Revista Algarabía, Guía de Diseño Mexicano, Grupo Levain, Amor Casero Helados, Instituto Veracruzano del Café, Parish Coffee, etc.

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